El Demeri Group

Is one of the largest foundations in Egypt , a family owned business , started from 1959 and grown to apposition and developed the expertise to effectively service all national and international customers without compromise to either quality of product or service provided with over 60 years of experience as one of the leading companies in the Middle East.

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[heading text=”Fiber Steel” tag=”h3″]

Steel fiber concrete flooring can provide superior resistance to minimize cracks in hardened concrete, as well as maximum resistance to withstand heavy loads, either dynamic or static. … Trowelling concrete will help to embed steel fibers into the concrete surface producing a better finish product.

[heading text=”Carbon Steel Wire” tag=”h3″]

High Carbon Steel Wire. HIGH CARBON STEEL WIRE. High carbon steel wire is popularly known as black wire. It is a drawn steel wire which is manufactured from quality wire rods with highcarbon content.

[heading text=”Metal Screws” tag=”h3″]

Metal screw is a kind of hardware supply, which is used for tightening metal objects. This kind of fastener features a threaded shank along-with a flat/rounded head. Unlike wooden rivets, which are threaded only partially, the above mentioned screw’s shank is entirely threaded.