About EESF

Egyptian European Steel Fiber®

is a subsidiary of ELDEMERI Group Co, ELDEMERI Group Co. is one of the largest Import and Export foundations in Egypt, a family-owned business that has been growing and scaling up since 1959. EL DEMERI Group has been effectively providing it’s international customers with the highest product quality, shortest delivery lead times and the most suitable prices, with more than 60 years of experience, ElDEMERI Group Co. is considered one of the leading companies in the middle East.

Our Vision:

Egyptian European Steel fiber® aims at leading the Constructions Sector in Egypt to a new era of cost reduction, execution efficiency, safety and quality standards, by introducing a new constructional technology Steel Fiber reinforced concrete which will fill in the exponential upcoming demand developing in Egypt and the Middle East.

Our Mission:

  • Develop the national economy by representing Egypt in competing the global market in Steel Fibers manufacturing in terms of Quality Standards and Production capacities.
  • Share our knowledge and understanding of the benefits and advantages of Fiber reinforced concrete with the Construction sector in Egypt.
  • Assist Egypt’s uprising construction development by providing a new solution that is safer, efficient, environment friendly and financially economical.
  • Research the latest applications/ solutions/ studies of Steel fibers, and offer them to the Egyptian construction section.

Our Products:

Standard Specifications Steel Fibers:

  • EESF® Xorex Corrugated Segment 0.7/55.
  • EESF® End Hooked 1.0/55.
  • EESF® AFT Round Wavy 1.0/55.
  • EESF® Glass Fibers.
  • EESF® Polypropylene Fibers.
  • EESF® PolyMacro Fibers.

– Special customizable specifications.

Our Services:

  • Supply of Steel Fibers
  • Consultancy and Flooring Design.
  • Flooring Installation (inc. sub-base, Sealing, Epoxy Coating, etc.)

Our Core Values:

  • Efficiency.
  • Customer Obsessed.
  • Simplicity.
  • Result Oriented.

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