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    EESF® Glass Fiber Type (E)

    Glass Fiber(E) is a monofilament Glass fibers chopped from type E of glass. The fibers are coated with Silane based to sizing improve initial dispersion and bond. The fibers are extremely…

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    EESF® Macro synthetic Fiber PolyMacro® PM48

    PM48 has been specifically designed for shotcrete applications and tunnel linings to increase impact and flexural resistance. Homogeneous Fiber distribution makes it possible to absorb energy in any point and any…

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    EESF®️ Polypropylene Fiber

    Polypropylene Increased Reliability and Maximized Service Life For Concrete Linings Fibers improve the crack resistance of concrete structures, making them safer and more reliable over the entire span of service life.…

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